Youth Bible Study Guide: Following God

Youth Bible Study Guide: Following God
A new series of study guides for young people based on the Youth Bible.

The Bible is packed with tons of good advice on a whole host of subjects. This study helps the reader to learn how to hear God's voice and follow his plan for
their life. It also looks at some of the hurdles that often get in the way of following God and suggests practical things to do to make hearing God's voice and following him easier especially when facing tough decisions.

Life Lesson 1 – Voices and choices
Finding God’s word is an attitude issue
God’s plan for me
Give me wisdom
How to listen to God
God’s Word
What can I do?
God’s will on two levels

Life Lesson 2 – The dark side
Body slam
Spiritual attack
Schizophrenic skin

Life Lesson 3 – Discipleship and accountability
Living together in peace
What is discipleship?
What is accountability?
God’s will, your desires – they fit
Prophecy today?
Moving in the prophetic

Life Lesson 4 – ‘Follow me’
Whose rules will rule?
‘Go!’ But why don’t we want to?
Commissioned 110 per cent
Getting to know God
Time out