With the world's economy in disarray there has never been a better time to discover what the Bible has to say about handling finance. Over seven per cent of the Bible is about the handling of our money and possessions while more than 15 per cent of Jesus' recorded words are about our money and possessions.

With household costs continuing to increase, fuel, food and utility accounts ever-increasing - how can you manage your finances so that you don’t get into [further] debt?

What does contentment look like when there is so much to buy?

How do I get out of debt?

What role does giving play in my life?

This book addresses everything you need to know about money and the Bible. Debt, getting out of debt, giving, saving, work, lifestyle, eternity, greed, honesty, wealth, money and your children, stewardship, tithing, credit cards, and much more.

Keith Tondeur [Founder of Credit Action] says
“This book is a must read: Over ten years ago, Your Money Counts profoundly impacted the way I viewed money and financial planning. Now Mark Lloydbottom has powerfully and eloquently rewritten this book retaining the essential principles that continue to form the basis of my own personal money management.”