You And Me Forever

You And Me Forever

In You and Me for Ever by Francis Chan - pastor and founder of Eternity College, and Lisa - his wife of 20 years, shows you how to future-proof your marriage by viewing it clearly in the context of God's plan for your life, your partner's life and your family.

The Chan's forever marriage book is far more than a collection of hints and tips on romance, communication and financial planning. Way beyond that, You and Me for Ever reminds you that your first and most important relationship is your relationship with God.

Francis and Lisa show you how keeping your relationship with God on a forever footing is the only way to keep your marriage, family and wider relationships on the same forever level.

In their book, the Chans are offering more than an idealised look at an earth-only marriage. With real life stories, they illustrate marriage's ups and downs to show how couples can get so caught up in the things of Earth they forget to focus on the Kingdom beyond.

Going much further, Francis and Lisa give you a scriptural view on what it means to have a relationship that satisfies the deepest parts of your soul and lasts way beyond this short earthly existence.

While there are many other marriage books on the market, "You and Me Forever" is unique because of its singularly God-focused approach. This is a resource to help you and your partner pull out of a potentially dangerous short term, inward focus and ask: 'What are we really here for?' and 'What is God's picture of marriage?