Faith Steps to Answered Prayer

Faith Steps to Answered Prayer

Every christian wants God to hear and answer their prayers. However, for many believers, it often seems as though god does not hear them, because their prayers appear to be ignored.

In order to understand and clarify the reasons for this, Rev Gerri Di Somma takes the reader on a journey of discovery. it starts with the need to examine one’s own heart in the light of what the word of god says concerning faith and prayer.

He leads the reader through the lord Jesus’ teaching on prayer and its relevance to today’s believer. He highlights the importance of the name of Jesus and helps us appreciate the awesome character of god.

Finally, the author leads the reader to what he calls ‘the conclusion of faith: The Holy Spirit’.

Faith Steps To Answered Prayer equips the reader through God’s Word and The Holy Spirit to walk in faith. led by The Holy Spirit, the reader will not only be equipped to receive answered prayer but to fulfil god’s plans and purposes for this life and eternally. This book has questions after each chapter and can be used for individual or group study.